Season 1.5 Episode 1 Jun 8, 2016

Sound Friend

Wherein we learn all about Hollow Earth Radio from its founders Garrett and Amber, in a piece by Warren Langford.

As always, the Sub Pop Podcast is brought to you by hosts/producers Alissa Atkins and Arwen Nicks, falling forward and backward simultaneously. The Hollow Earth piece is produced by Warren Langford.

Sound Friend by John Atkins

Illustration by John Atkins

Illustration by John Atkins

Show Notes

All right. Alright. Allright. Welcome back, and welcome to the first episode of the first non-season of the Sub Pop Podcast. Expect three episodes, one per month, during the summer months of 2016 while we busily prepare the exciting SEASON TWO of the Sub Pop Podcast!

Last things first, Mega Mart ads are back! … but someone is trying to give Stuart a run for his money! Who is this new guy? Why, it’s Gareth Smith, Englishman, friendly person, and leader of Sub Pop Publishing (music publishing, not books). Gareth does a pretty convincing job of selling the luxurious Sub Pop Sweatpant. He does such a good job that I’m considering adding a pair of these reportedly primo sweatpants to my “closet” (they’re even suitable for making a milk run, or so we’re led to believe). If sweatpants aren’t your speed, consider Sub Pop branded playing cards. Or if you want to show your love for Sub Pop, Seattle and grunge in a more traditional manner, you can’t go wrong with a Sub Pop logo teeeee shirt.

[Note that you can still try to “save” Stuart as the voice of the Mega Mart by writing to us (, tweeting at us, or otherwise contacting us. Say “SAVE STUART” (it doesn’t have to be in ALL CAPS, and you don’t even have to spell my—I mean his!—name correctly!).]

Okay, commerce obligations complete, let’s get into this episode!

The centerpiece of this episode is, of course, Warren Langford’s piece on Hollow Earth Radio and its founders, Garrett and Amber. (Warren works on the great radio show Sound Effect from Seattle’s/Tacoma’s KPLU radio station.)

Garrett (not to be confused with Gareth – they are two different people, from two different continents, even) is in the employ of Sub Pop Records. He is title-less, but from what I can gather he does some sort of technical work for the company.

Before we step into “Garrett’s Corner” (which, let’s be honest, might feel more like falling into a well), let’s see what we can learn about Hollow Earth Radio. See a list of all the shows on H.E.R. That page also includes a number you can call to “leave weird voicemails” (206-588-KHER).

It’s mentioned in the episode that Hollow Earth is getting into terrestrial radio (with the great call sign “KHUH”). Here is a little info on that, via their (successful, and now long over) crowdfunding campaign.

Now we saunter into Garrett’s Corner to find out a little more about him. For a comprehensive look into what makes him tick, look no further than this 5000+ word “People Who Work Here” interview from the Sub Pop Blog. You might want to grab a cup of coffee (or a beer, depending on the time of day and phase of moon).

Also, behold Garrett’s (dormant) fashion blog, Sequins in Seattle. Highly recommended to have a browse through its archives, very funny, insightful stuff.

By the way, there’s mention in the show of the “nerd cave” (it’s an office at Sub Pop World Headquarters; Garrett used to work in it, as did I). Well, the “nerd cave” has now been destroyed by an intra-office construction initiative, so don’t go looking for it if you’re ever at Sub Pop World Headquarters.

Finally (almost…), let’s link to the neighbor and friend of Hollow Earth Radio, the bicycle shop 20 / 20 Cycle in Seattle’s Central District. Hi, Alex!

Actually finally, here’s a John Atkins bonus GIF of more episode artwork candidates he gave us. We are stoked to have John back doing the art for the summer season!

Until July, stay cool.

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